​​​The Points System Explained

Points are awarded based on the number of players per game and where you finish in that game. Top 9 players will earn 2x and the remaining players will earn 1x.

For instance, if there were 29 players in your game and you WON, you would get 58 points.  If you finished in 2nd place, you would get 56 points.  (Top 9 win 2x points) If you finished in 10th place, you would get 20 points, 9th, 19 points, and so on.

Points are tabulated on a per-season basis, and reset for each new season.

Digital games live OUTSIDE of our normal MAD Poker points and do not combine for overall points, wins, etc.. 

The players with the most points PER SEASON AT EACH VENUE will win a limited edition Pazzo coin card protector!