5/19/24 - MAD Poker cancels the games at Dublin Pub permanently.

5/5/24 - New game starting at Midway Public House on Saturday, May 25th.

4/30/24 - M & M Tuesdays will be starting a 6:30 pm beginning next week!

4/19/24 - New Venue:  Our first game at MIDWAY PUBLIC HOUSE in Oregon City starts Thursday April 25th at 6:30.  Welcome Brian Hass back to a directorship!!

4/12/24 - New Venue:  The Headliners Club every Tuesday at 6:30 & Sunday at 5:00.  These replace the Tuesday & Sunday games at Gemini.  The Sunday games begin on April 21st.

3/28/24 -  Season 29 Quarterly will be held on April 13, 2024 at Ponderosa Lounge at 10:00.  Top 200 in points qualify to play.

3/28/24 - Now M&M Monday and Alexs-Bar games are knockout format!  Win a seat to a Portland Meadows game every quarter at both locations!

3/7/24 - James "Papa" Steele passed away.

2/27/24 - The GOAT has moved to Thursdays starting this week!

1/29/24 - The game at Chill 'n Fill has been cancelled permanently.

1/4/24 - New game at Gemini on Sundays at 2:00 - Perri Newman is your director.

11/15/23 - New game at Vogie's on Mondays at 7:00 - Danielle Galvin is your director.

11/14/23 - New game at Tigard Eagles on Saturdays at 4pm - Jaye Tyler is your director

10/30/23 - Josie Anttila is your new director at Chill 'n Fill

10/17/23 - Danielle Galvin and Jasmine Gonzales join our team of Directors.  They will run Vogies & The Grove (Wednesday)

10/14/23 - David Beaver will be stepping down as Director at The Grove Wednesday and Vogie's.

10/11/23 - Our Tuesday games at M&M will now start at 6:00 instead of 6:30.

10/9/23 - Our game at Alberta Street Pub on Thursdays has been permanently cancelled.

Our Season 27 Quarterly will be held at Ponderosa Lounge on Saturday, October 14th at 10:00 am.  Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior.

9/4/23 - We have a new game starting September 13th at Alexs-Bar on Wednesday's at 6:30.

9/4/23 - We have a new director, Glen Perry, Jr.  Glen will direct the Alexs-Bar game.

9/4/23 - The game at Catfish Lou's has been cancelled.

8/25/23 - Craig Retallack has stepped down as director at NoPo Eagles.  He will continue to run the Chill 'n Fill game.  Emilie Urick is now your full-time director (Brandon as a back up) starting 8-25-23.

8/18/23 - The weekly game at CJ's Bar has been cancelled.  Join us at M&M and/or Catfish Lou's!

7/14/23 - We have moved our Sunday game from Trolley Trail Tavern to The Grove at 12:30

New Directors:
Craig Retallack - Chill N Fill 
Matt Foote - M&M Restaurant on Sundays and Tuesdays
Paula Hayes - The Grove on Sundays
Brandon Rasmusson - Mock Crest 

Cory Manning - The GOAT and Greeley

Your Mondays just got a little extra added dose of fun!  Now EVERY Monday at M & M, there will be a Spin The Wheel promotion.  One player spins the wheel to find out what game they will be playing up to the first break!  Regular Hold'em commences after the break.  

Threenew games! 

M & M's on Tuesday's at 7:00 (Gresham)

The Grove on Wednesday's at 7:00 (Milwaukie)

Vogies on Tuesday's at 7:00

Please help us welcome David Beaver to our team of Directors!  David will be running the Tuesday night game at our new venue in Gladstone, Vogies, starting April 4th.  Join us for kick off night!

​​Please help us welcome Tracy Krasnov to our team of Directors!  Tracy will be running the Wednesday night game at the Eagles in Tigard starting March 30th.  Thank you to Charles King and Michelle Sterner for running the games over the past year.  You will be missed!

Season 25 Quarterly will be held on Saturday, April 22nd at 10:00 at Ponderosa Lounge.
Please plan to arrive no later than 9:30. Open to those that finished in the top 150 at the end of the quarter + the top 5 players at each venue.

Charlie Groner hit a Royal Flush on March 1st, 2023

New game starting Thursday, March 2nd at Alberta Street Pub at 7:00! 

Welcoming Josie Anttila back as a director again!

New game starting Friday, February 10th at N. Portland FOE Eagles #3426 at 7:00!

We have a dedicated Omaha Hi-Lo game at Dublin Pub every Sunday at 4:00!  David & Marianne Foster will be your directors and will help teach you the game.  Join us!


Yeah, we have done a lot experimenting in the last year, and hell yeah, we know you are frustrated with it!  We have listened to your feedback which made us realize that we had it right all along!  We will be going back to our pre-Covid model.

So what does that look like for you?

Effective Monday, October 10, 2022….

15K starting stack
2K bonus for arriving 30 minutes early to venue 
1K bonus for a full house card
1K bonus for a winner’s bracelet
1K bonus for any MAD Poker branded item 

We do want to incentivize you to bring new players, so you may earn an additional 1K if you bring a new player.  Your friend will get an automatic chip up of 5K just for coming out!

A VIP card will get you an automatic 5K chip up at every venue.

Green chip bonuses remain unchanged
Blind length is still 12-15 minutes, director’s prerogative
Blind levels begin at 100/200 and breaks occur after the 500/1K & 5K/10K levels
Point structure remains the same, with top 9 finishers receiving double points


Will all directors run the same format?  YES!

Can I bring in 5 full house cards for a full chip up?  No, 1 card per game

Can I bring in 5 winner’s bracelets for a full chip up?  No, 1 bracelet per game

Can I bring in 5 MAD Poker branded items for a full chip up?  No, 1 item per game

Can I just tell my director I have everything because they know me?  No, you have to present your proof of bonus every time

What about my royal flush coin?  Royal flush coins count as MAD Poker gear only.

How late can I arrive to a game?  You must arrive before the end of the first break, approximately 1 hour.

Do I get a full stack when I arrive late?  No, you will have your blinds pulled from the starting stack UNLESS your position was already being blinded out.

What if I can’t arrive 30 minutes early to the game?  1K bonus will be awarded if you RSVP to your director in advance but don’t arrive to the venue at least 30 minutes prior to the game

What if I just came from another MAD Poker game?  You get a marathoner’s automatic full 5K chip up! 

What about antes?  Antes will always be in play at quarterly and main event tournaments.  Nightly games are at the director’s discretion.  Antes are most commonly used in very large games to keep the game within a 3.5 hour maximum per venue.

What about the annual food/toy drives?  Yes!  We will always have a holiday donation drive to support one or more local charities.  This is the ONLY exception for bonus chips.  Details about holiday drive bonus structures will be announced at the time of the drive.  All venues will support the drive and comply with bonus structure.

How do I get a VIP card? These are the rarest of the rare!  You can earn them with 100 lifetime wins.  You can earn them if you are an exemplary member of the league: good play, high attendance, great sportsmanship, supporting and welcoming new players, making a difference in the league.

Why all of the changes over the past year?  The unexamined poker league is not worth playing in.  We had to make adjustments post-Covid.  Some were out of necessity and some were throwing noodles at the wall to see if they stuck.  We cannot know if something is a good or bad idea until we put it into effect.

Will there be changes every quarter/year?  We have zero plans to change the basic MAD Poker structure.  We do plan to have special events, which will be well publicized in advance for your playing pleasure.  We are also looking into a dedicated Omaha weekly game.

How do I contact MAD Poker directly?  You may call or text David Foster at 503-888-4977.  If it is related to stats, you may call or text Marianne at 503-481-0575.

Thank you all for your years of support. We appreciate all of you!

Marianne & David